• Hybrid workshop at the TH Brandenburg from 9 to 13 August 2021
    After a long period of corona-induced abstinence (the last trip to Kenya took place at the beginning of 2020), there is now hope again for a personal reunion with our Kenyan project partners. Starting next Monday, 12 of them will be able to attend the final workshop of the DAAD-funded project ProUniEdu-WeK in person for … Read more
  • Greetings from Brussels
    On Friday, there was an exciting one-day conference on cooperation between Africa and Europe in the field of higher education cooperation, which fitted perfectly with our project and where our poster on practice-oriented higher education in Western Kenya attracted many interested participants. So it may happen that our network is extended by cooperation partners from … Read more
  • Thanks…
    …Laura, that you managed to write a post here during the eventful time of our German-Kenyan workshop and the scholarship stays of Kenyan lecturers in the past 4 weeks! The rest of us were obviously unable to do so, although (or perhaps because) it was an exciting and inspiring time: First of all, the workshop … Read more
  • Getting to know the Kenyans
    I have a rather small role in the Kenya exchange programme, but nevertheless I would like to share my experience with you. My first meeting with the Kenyans was very positive and inspiring. I got to know the Kenyans when they entered the university for the first time on Monday morning. The problem soon arose … Read more
  • To the beginnings
    Sitting in Berlin, I look outside my window and the gloomy weather with the dry trees stare back. I cannot help but remember and long for the beautiful green trees and the lush grass I had for a constant view last week. I was quite fortunate to be given a wonderful opportunity professionally and personally … Read more
  • After work
    After leaving MMUST at around 1 pm on Friday, we drove to the Kakamega National Forest Reserve – a protected rainforest. After an initial short stretch along a village road, we turned off into the thicket. Here we got a really good impression of a jungle. In addition, we were somewhat protected from the scorching … Read more
  • Expert talks
    Tag 4 Thursday was time for professional discussions in the individual disciplines. We all had our small groups with whom we hotly discussed the planned projects. So I don’t have much text or photos here. Only this much: The water filtration project of Prof. Malessa and Sona Awasthi was practically underpinned by a visit to … Read more
  • Well arrived in Kakamega…
    Now we are all here, again a bit north of the equator ;-). After a long flight to Nairobi with a “reunification” of the group at Nairobi airport and a pleasant night there, we flew in the morning to Kisumu at Lake Victoria. There, phone cards were purchased, money exchanged and we studied the local … Read more
  • Current score
    The first two days of work with the colleagues at Masinde Muliro’s University of Science and Technology (MMUST) are over and it’s time for a first interim report. Day 1 Yesterday we were greeted with all honor and great cordiality. After our start in the International Office, we had an appointment with the Chancellor of … Read more
  • It really starts today…
    I am sitting with Jan in the coffee shop 😉 of the nice old-style Silver Springs hotel, which is located in a quite green part of the Kenyan capital and has been hosting us for the last 4 nights. With espresso and chef salad, we let pass (part of) the intense time that has passed … Read more
  • Dear Africa friends,
    Here, a website for the DAAD-funded project ProUniEdu-WeK (Practice-oriented University Education in Western Kenya) is being developed, in which a network for the promotion of practice-oriented education at Kenyan universities is to be set up. Main actors are the Technical University of Brandenburg (THB), the University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal (HMS) and the Masinde Muliro … Read more